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If your order from HolzPly deviates in any manner from the specifications agreed upon during your purchase, we stand 100% behind our guarantee policy. We will dispatch our carrier to pick up the defective plywood, and we’ll offer you two straightforward options: a prompt replacement free of any charge or a full refund.

To ensure accurate and efficient handling of claims, written notifications must encompass the following details:

  • – Total number of pieces and/or crates subject to the claim and a thorough and detailed explanation of the reasons behind the claim.
  • – Confirmation of the specific truck, container or stack on which the material in question was transported, including relevant references such as Truck Release number, Container number, and/or Bill of Lading number.
  • – Confirm the specific truck/container on which the claimed material was delivered, including the Truck Release number, Container number, and/or Bill of Lading number.
  • – Provide digital images of the material under claim. These photos should effectively capture any defects and include clear identification marks linking the product to HolzPly. Such identifying marks may encompass such as marks on the crates, stamps located at the corners of individual plywood sheets and/or any other proprietary markings that can be attributed to HolzPly.

Repackaging Plywood

The customer is entrusted with the responsibility of re-packaging the material, with the aim of closely resembling its original state:

  • – Ensure that the number of pieces per crate matches their count upon delivery.
  • – Neatly and squarely stack the pieces within the re-packaged crate.
  • – Utilize the original crating materials in the re-packaged crates whenever it’s feasible.
  • – Re-position the runners beneath the crates as they were upon the crates’ arrival.
  • – Apply bands with care and secure them neatly for safe transport.

And that’s it. No fine print, no additional requests.

For additional information regarding our Product Quality Policy, contact us.

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