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Birch Plywood - Regular

Birch Plywood is composed of multiple layers of birch veneers bonded together under high pressure, birch plywood boasts unparalleled stability and resistance to warping, ensuring it does not deform or soak. This makes it the perfect choice for high-end furniture, sophisticated cabinetry, demanding architectural projects, and robust construction applications. Its natural beauty and grain also make it a favored material for decorative purposes, offering both aesthetic appeal and long-lasting performance.

Maintaining performance under high humidity conditions, it does not deform or soak. It is suitable for both interior and exterior finishes, ensuring top-tier durability and moisture resistance for a wide range of projects.

Tehcnical sheet

Thickness (mm): 6; 9; 12; 15; 18; 21; 24; 27; 30; 35; 40
Sizes available (mm): 1525 x 1525; 2440 x 1220; 2500 х 1250
Glue (Exterior): Phenol formaldehyde adhesive (WBP)
Glue (Interior): Urea formaldehyde adhesive (MR)
Formaldehyde Emissions: E 1, CARB ULEF
Grades: B/BB; BB/BB; BB/CP; BB/C; CP/CP; CP/C
Surface Type: Outer layers sanded (S2S); Not sanded (NS)
Moisture content: 5-14%
Water Resistance: High
Density (kg/m3): 640-700
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