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Birch Plywood - Primer

Birch Primer features birch plywood coated with a paper-based film saturated with amino resin. This unique coating primes the plywood for effortless painting and lacquering, eliminating the need for pre-treatment. It ensures uniform application, reduces paint consumption, and prevents cracking.

These panels are perfect for applying a variety of colors to surfaces, thanks to the painting film that simplifies on-site painting.

Furthermore, the film enhances the durability of the covered surface. Even with further processing using woodworking tools, the panels remain free from surface defects like delamination or cracking. In case of damage to the painting layer, the plywood remains protected by a dependable, long-lasting film.

Tehcnical sheet

Thickness (mm): 6; 9; 12; 15; 18; 21; 24; 27; 30; 35; 40
Sizes available (mm): 2440 x 1220; 2500 х 1250; 3050 x 1525
Glue: Exterior – Phenol formaldehyde adhesive (WBP)
Formaldehyde Emissions: E 1, CARB ULEF
Grades: I/I
Surface Type: F/F (smooth/smooth)
Moisture content: 5-14%
Edge sealing: Painted on request
Film density: 140; 200 g/m2
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