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what we do

HolzPly is a trade distribution company specializing in the import, export, and distribution of top-tier wood panels and decorative surfaces.
Founded by a group of professionals with cumulative experience surpassing 32 years in the wood-based products and construction industries, our foundation was shaped by a shared industry observation.
Witnessing a trend over several years where numerous companies compromise on quality and customer satisfaction, we committed ourselves to providing an exceptional alternative. Our focus lies in delivering the highest quality products without cutting corners on efficiency, ensuring prompt delivery, all while providing unparalleled customer support.
Our operations office, located in Zug, Switzerland, oversees all logistics, coordinating import, export, and distribution between our supplying partners and warehouses in Slovenia, Croatia, and Romania, while our central sales office in Ljubljana, Slovenia serves as the primary point of interaction with clients across Europe and globally.
Our official business policy is incredibly straightforward: to offer our customers a diverse range of high-quality products and unparalleled customer experience, all at cost-effective prices. We aim to meet your needs so comprehensively that you won't find a reason to ever seek another supplier.

why work with us?

“Deeds, not words” embody our relentless pursuit of excellence. While our actions speak louder than any words, we understand that, initially, we must articulate answer to a question “Why work with us?”
There are more reasons than we can fit on this page, but let us share 3 main ones:
- We exclusively source and provide the highest quality products on the market. We make no exceptions to this standard; if we cannot obtain the highest quality products for our customers, we have no interest in acquiring or selling cheap(er) alternatives.
- Our customer support team is second to none. Our live chat representative will answer all your questions and address all of your concerns within several minutes, while we guarantee answer to emails within one business day (usually we reply within one hour).
- We have in-house team that covers every aspect of our business, from procurement, logistics and sales to customer support, accounting and warehousing. This integrated approach provides us with full control over our entire supply chain, ensuring efficiency and excellence in every facet of our operations, while making us less susceptible to market upheavals.
While there are plenty other convincing reasons, we would like to prove why choosing us results in a polished and exceptional partnership rather than simply articulating it.
While the list of compelling reasons why you should work with us is much longer than these 3 reasons, we prefer to showcase the professional and seamless experience of wor king with us rather than simply listing the benefits.

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