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Birch Laser plywood is a premium-grade plywood specially designed for laser cutting, catering to diverse industries. Renowned for its impeccably uniform surface and minimal core veneer defects, it stands out in the market.

Crafted with top-tier inner layers, our Birch Laser plywood ensures unmatched performance and durability across various applications.

Formulated with a unique resin adhesive, it remains non-combustible when exposed to laser beams, prioritizing human health and safety.

Choose from a variety of coating options, including no coating, UV-cured varnish, or melamine film. Additionally, we offer clear or tinted UV coatings upon request, providing flexibility to meet your specific requirements.

Tehcnical sheet

Thickness (mm): 3; 6; 9; 12; 15; 18; 21; 24; 27; 30
Sizes available (mm): 1525 x 1525
Glue (Interior): Urea formaldehyde adhesive (MR)
Formaldehyde Emissions: E 1, CARB ULEF
Grades: B/BB; BB/BB; BB/CP
Surface Type: Outer layers sanded (S2S); UV coating both sides
Moisture content: <10%
Density (kg/m3): 640-700
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