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Composite plywood, featuring overlays of HPL, CPL, or fiberglass, renowned for durability, resistance to bending and warping, lightweight nature, and superior performance, finds applications in shipbuilding, construction, rail vehicle manufacturing, and furniture production.

These coatings ensure highly resilient panel surfaces, preserving appearance and properties even when exposed to UV light and moisture. Overlaid birch plywood remains resistant to temperatures from -50 to +60°C, suitable for indoor and outdoor use, with surfaces resistant to most chemicals.

Our selection includes over 100 designs, including unicolor, stone-inspired, wood grain, metallic finishes, and more. Fiberglass overlays offer options with textured or smooth surfaces. Committed to sustainability, our composite plywood is eco-friendly and free from harmful substances.

Tehcnical sheet

Thickness (mm): 6; 9; 12; 15; 18; 21; 24; 27; 30; 35; 40
Sizes available (mm): 1525 x 1525; 2440 x 1220; 3050 х 1250
Glue (Exterior): Phenol formaldehyde adhesive (WBP)
Formaldehyde Emissions: E 1, CARB ULEF
Grades: I/I
Surface Type: Smooth patterned melamine film of different colors
Moisture content: 5-14%
Water Resistance: High
Thicknesses of HPL, mm: 0,8; 1; 1,3; 1,6
Thicknesses of CPL, mm: 0,5; 0,6
Thicknesses of fiberglass, mm: 1,5 – 3
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