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Anti-Slip Plywood boasts a high-density paper film impregnated with phenol-formaldehyde resin, providing effective slip resistance. This specialized plywood features one side coated with a smooth film while the other side showcases both a hexagonal and wire mesh pattern for maximum anti-slip protection in various conditions.

The durable surfaces of our film-faced plywood endure diverse weather and chemical exposure. Its multi-layered construction ensures exceptional strength, making it ideal for wear-resistant applications.

Our Anti-Slip plywood serves various purposes including flooring for trailers, vans, rail vehicles, and the construction of warehouses, loading platforms, scaffolding, and playgrounds. The water-resistant coating, available in different colors and densities, enhances both functionality and aesthetics. Additionally, the panels’ edges are sealed with water-resistant acrylic paint for added durability.

Tehcnical sheet

Thickness (mm): 6; 9; 12; 15; 18; 21; 24; 27; 30
Sizes available (mm): 1525 x 1525; 2440 x 1220; 2500 х 1250
Glue (Exterior): Phenol formaldehyde adhesive (WBP)
Formaldehyde Emissions: E 1, CARB ULEF
Anti-slip rating: R10; R12
Grades: I/I
Surface Type: Smooth/Hexa; Smooth/Wiremesh
Moisture content: 5-14%
Water Resistance: High
Wear resistance (Taber value): 350R-600R(depends on face film)
Edge Sealing (Optional): Acrylic water-resistant paint
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